Sunday, February 20, 2011

Diamond Lash Review - Glamour Eyes and Dolly Eyes

Happy Sunday Lovelies!

I took the liberty this February to obsess a little over Falsies - thank goodness for lashes! Not only do they bring depth and dimension to the eyes, but they really are the WOW factor that takes your look to the next level!

Diamond lash is a Japanese brand popular with many of the EGG models (EGG is a Japanese fashion magazine for those into GAL fashion)

基本 RGB

I purchased mine from the fabulous NicNic's APopofKawaii store! I was surprised (and very very pleased) about how quickly my order arrived - the package arrived in a little over a week which was super speedy considering it came all the way from Japan!

The items were tightly secured in bubble wrap and snuggly stored in an adorable bag!

Pop of Kawaii Package

The lashes work themselves out to be a little more than my favorite Korean brand DARKNESS if you factor in shipping, but they are super gorgeous and almost all the styles are suitable for everyday use.

The lashes come in 4 'series'

1st series - the original line in the hot pink box - for a girly/dolly look
Glamour Series - these lashes come in the purple box and add more drama for nighttime looks
Pure Series - the baby pink box for 'everyday' natural beauty
Volume Series - the baby blue box for full and luxe looking lashes

Diamond Lash 1st Series
Diamond Lash First Series

Diamond Lash - Dolly Eye & Glamour Eye Review

Diamond Lash DOLLY Eyes

One of the TOP sellers of the line in Japan, Dolly Eye lashes are your everyday go-to lash!

DOLLY Eyes are a mix of criss-cross lashes with sections of long lashes - the lashes taper in at the inner corners and blend with your natural lashes easily. I still cut the lashes just a bit so they wouldn't hang out so much at the ends.

Dolly Eyes

Lashes without flash in natural lighting

Diamond Lash Dolly Eye close


Diamond Lash Dolly Eye

On the eye

Diamond Lash Dolly Eye on

The lashes are quite comfortable and the band is not as stiff as the Darkness lashes though they do share the dark lash band.

Comfort ♥ (4/5) - Wearable and lasted all day with Dolly Wink Eyelash fix
Style (4/5) - Love how the lashes really opened my eyes - they blend so well
Volume/Length (3/5) They are good for everyday wear but don't offer much drama
Price/availability (3/5) Most people will have to buy online, but not a bad price for 5 pairs!
Durability ???? - *will update* No problems so far with wear and tear


Diamond Lash Glamour Eyes

Glamour Eyes


Diamond Lash Glamour Eye

In natural lighting without flash

Diamond Lash Glamour Eye close

On the Eye = DRAMA

Diamond Lash Gorgeous Eyes close

Comfort ♥ (4/5) - Wearable and lasted all day with Dolly Wink Eyelash fix
Style (5/5) - Basically DOLLY eyes style but added volume and length
Volume/Length (4/5) I love how these lashes lend drama to a night out without being over the top (these were my Valentine's Day lashes!)
Price/availability (3/5) Most people will have to buy online, but not a bad price for 5 pairs!
Durability ???? - *will update* No problems so far with wear and tear

A new brand that I LOVE - I wish I could buy them at my local drugstore! The only downside I have heard from reading other reviews is the 'shiny' look of the lashes - they are made of plastic as opposed to human hair so they might appear shiny in photographs with flash.

I will review Fairy Eyes, Beauty Eyes, Model Eyes & Natural Eyes soon!

Random LOTD

I found this necklace at Old Navy - it looks a piece from J. Crew and for a fraction of the price! (on sale for $11!)

Old Navy Necklace

I Jill Stuart Blush in the Blush Blossom Duo Little Anemone! Such a pretty, innocent flush perfect for Spring...

LOTD 2-12

I can't wait to unveil my Blogiversary Giveaway so please stay tuned & thanks for visiting!


sugar sugar said...

great review! i really want to try diamond lashes too! x)

faye lu review said...

fantastic review!!! the bands are actually quite thick (which i like) and would be perfect for that more dramatic-liquid-eyeliner look.
p.s. i love the little piggy wrapping. too cute x

Elle said...

Terrific review! I wish I knew how to apply falsies! :) They do give the eyes some much needed drama when the occasion calls for i. I love that second pair on you!

lisa said...

ohh thanks for the review.. i've seen this brand.. but wasn't sure if i should order some..

i love the lashes you're wearing in your FOTD!!!

Shop N' Chomp said...

Oh my gosh, I freaking love those lashes on you Irene! XD It makes your already gorgeous eyes POP even more. And you scored with that cute ON necklace! <3 it.

(Woohoo! I'm so glad to hear from someone I know giving a thumbs up on Aerie. Can't wait to get my package! And yep, you totally hit the nail on the head with your dating philosophy :)

Lily. said...

These lashes are the most beautiful I've ever seen! I think they fit perfectly to the eye, they give a very nice effect without overdoing it. You look so well. :)

Elle said...

i love the necklace, so pretty!

Lily. said...

Yeah i love Jill Stuart! This color is wonderful and smells so good. I saw that you hold the same as me ;)
Thank you for your comment <3

Cherry Wu said...

The diamond lashes are really really famous in Japan. I really want to try them now. They look gorgeous on you~^0^

Irene said...

@Sugarsugar & Elle - Thanks! They are some of the best if you are able to find/order them!

@Faye Lu - Thank you, I wonder if they are available in Australia?

@Elle - Sometimes I wonder that too...I know I'm not half as good as a ton of the lovely bloggers out there...these might not be good 'beginner' lashes since the band doesn't flex as well, but I do recommend Red Cherry since they are easier to put on and blend!

@Lisa - You should definitely give them a try, just don't go crazy like me, I bought a bazillion pairs hahaha

@Lisa - I APPROVE of those panties! And I'm surprised by Old Navy sometimes!

@Lily - Thank you dear, I hope I can see some Jill Stuart swatches up soon! ;)

@Cherry Wu - You should if you can find them! I'm sure you would look gorgeous in them too!

DSK Steph said...

The diamond lash packaging is really cute! I'm very big on packaging it just adds a really nice touch to the product. :) It's the first time I've heard of them, thanks for sharing ^_^

My Mom didn't let me get my ears pierced either, but my older cousins took me! lol Had to hide it from my Mom with my hair! rofl

Rinny said...

The Dolly Lashes look really nice on you! I haven't heard of this brand of lashes before, but I'll check it out. And the necklace is really cute too :)

Irene said...

@Steph - I know what you mean about packaging - I get suckered into things because of it! Jill Stuart *cough cough* I think it's HILARIOUS that your Mom didn't let you either! I never had that close-by aunt/cousin/relative to sneak me out!

@Rinny - Thank you! They are really nice, lightweight, and relatively natural, you should give them a try!

slowbrogal said...

Found ur bloggie and love it!! New follower here :D
I heard about this Diamond Lash but I never get to had a chance to get them. Looking at your reviews I think I should now.


Anonymous said...

thanks for mentioned apopofkawaii and reviewing the lashes!! they seriously look fabulous on you! i have one of their pure ranges - "girly" and they're lovely but it's too long and dramatic to wear in the day or night.. so i end up trimming them but they look weird so i chopped them up and put them on my lower lash line instead. looking forward to your reviews on the other items! i am about to hash extensions soon - cant wait... will let you know how that goes!

VICKYFF said...

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besides,thanks for your sharing!

Jendee said...

Woa!! Love this review!!! Diamond lash is sooo Gyaru!~ Looks good on you ^^

Im a new follower!~ Loving your blog and gyaru fashion!~ I blog about Gyaru style too!~

Check out my blog if you have time ^_^

Anonymous said...

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