Saturday, February 5, 2011

Snow Princess

Just some pictures from the snow day(s) here in Texas - it has been the longest stretch of snow and ice ever to hit Dallas in the past 40 or so years!

...The inner kitten comes out to play...









Spirit hood - Snow Leopard full hood - Bow accent knit top + Lace-hem slipdress

Yesstyle bow dress 2

**SnowPrincess Makeup**

Spirit hood love

Spirit hood love 2

On lips: Maybelline Moisture extreme lipstick in Nude Blush

Cheeks: Jill Stuart Mix Blush in Milky Strawberry (LOVE this color, will swatch soon!) and MAC highlighter in Sunsparked Pearl

Eyes: Jill Stuart Jelly Eye Color N in Jewel Flash & Maybelline NY Eyeshadow quad in Legendary Lilac, Red Cherry Lashes in #15


I have been tagged in a blog award by the lovely Faye-Lu - will catch up on it so soon, a big THANK YOU and *hug* to you dear! :)


To make up for a few 'snow days' this week, I'm heading into work all this weekend x_X Sorry about the late responses, I'm going to continue to catch up this week!!!


Stay warm and order your pizza & wings earlier if you're here in the states for Super Bowl Sunday!!!

Have a great weekend!


Stephanie "DSK Steph" Nguyen said...

You look beautiful :)

Tara said...

The hoody is Soo cute! Love the out fit.

Shop N' Chomp said...

Zomg, I love your snow princess piccies!! =D I love the natural flush Milky Strawberry gives you.

CAMILLA said...

wow, looks like your having fun..

i love the hood...

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

OMG, you are SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the kitten hat/scarf thing!!!!!!!! :)

alison*elle said...

This is totally adorable! I love that fluffy hood thing!


Elle said...

lovely photos!

MeiBelle said...

You look like a Princess Eskimo, and I mean that in the loveliest way possible!! =)

Beauty meets Kawaii said...

You look so cute! >_<

Kisses, Melanie

Anonymous said...

you look so cute! and i love the photos:)

sugar sugar said...

you look so beautiful despite the freezing snow. your outfit is sooo cute! :3 i also love your dress. definitely princessy. x)

lisa said...

omg your fur muff is SO freakin cute! and you look so pretty :)

Sushi said...

You look so cute! and the pictures looked like loads of fun to take!

Penelope said...

Love the pics, you look gorgeous! Especially like the pic of you leaping over the snow! Great outfit x

Donna said...

gah! you looook soooo cuuute!!!!!!!! (n______n)

Saimese said...

The hood is awesome. So glad you're wearing it out more. I'd be too afraid to ruin the light fur & would take it out only occasionally

Kim's Vanity said...

These are the cutest pics ever! I still really want a spirit hood myself .. can't believe that snow in Texas ... crazy!!! You're gorgeous.

Ping said...

omg i am in LOVE with that hood. too bad it never gets too cold in SF. i would totally sport that. you look so pretty in these pics.

cryskay said...

cute photos! i have 2 spirithoodies in leopard & brown bear. love em! the white snowleopard looks so cute as well. you have a great blog. xo

Anonymous said...

you look like a real snow princess, SO cute!! I love the last shot of you jumping!!

Really Petite said... look adorable:)

Lily. said...

I'm in love of your blog !

Soo beautiful
very good source of ideas for shopping :)


MartaDesign said...

You look so cute ;*
I very like your blog, is AMAZING :)
Following! Follow back ? <333

xbbkay said...

u truly look like a gorgeous snow princess.

but i have to say that snow only looks pretty. I depise it. I haven't seen so much snow in my life this year from where i'm from. I'm just thankful that it's almost spring :)

I love the hood as well. it's so cute!

Shop N' Chomp said...

IRENE! Where are you?! Miss your posts. T_T Hope all is well. <3

I know, those cotton pads aren't the easiest to find. I did include a linky to this brand called Miss Webril on my post if you want to check it out. And girl, I have NEVER seen you with "crap" skin. It's always gorgeous and glowy! You're so lucky. =D

Hope you have a lovely Valentine's too!!

May said...

the spirit hood is so cute!