Thursday, February 24, 2011

Jill Stuart Mix blush - Milky Strawberry Review

Every princess needs a decent arsenal of vanity-worthy prettiness.

If you are that type of girl, you need some Jill Stuart in your life! I don't understand why American cosmetic companies don't put much thought into developing a product that *looks* nice...I guess it's all about makeup-on-the-go or the whole fast food mentality or whatnot.

I like feeling spoiled. I LOVE Jill Stuart.


Jill Stuart Mix Blush Review

*Milky Strawberry*

Milky Strawberry is the newest blush in the Mix Blush series launched in the Spring Collection for 2011, Innocent Sexy.

Official description

"sweet and fluffy milky pink, reminiscent of strawberry milk"

It being a brand new release, I went on pure chance, hoping the color would suit my skintone.

Like all Jill Stuart cosmetics, the compacts are princess-y and ornate albeit plastic. The little goat hair brush is attached on a metal-link chain but can be removed. The brush is retractable with a pink crystal tab!

Jill Stuart mix blush

The blush itself with and without flash

The upper left corner is a pearly light pink highlighter, the upper right corner, a dusty rose. The bottom two colors are my favorite and add a nice punch to the entire palette - the lower left is hot pink fuchsia and the lower right is a bright pinky peach

JS Milky Strawberry flash

Jill Stuart Milky Strawberry no flash

The brush after swirling in all 4 colors

Jill Stuart dipped brush

The blush on my cheeks with and without flash

JS Milky Strawberry on

Jill Stuart Milky Strawberry on no flash

*Also sporting Jill Stuart Jelly Eye Color N in Jewel Flash, a gorgeous shimmery light purple*

Like the collection's namesake, it really gives you an innocent pink flush of color on the cheeks - I think the peachy pink made it wearable on my Texas-tanned complexion! The shimmer is sophisticated and subtle - a great everyday blush! I was surprised that it showed up so well and am dying to try out Little Bouquet for a more peachy Summer blush.

The product is scented - a very light, pretty floral that is not at all overbearing

Rating: ♥♥ (5/5)

If it weren't for the hefty price tag, I would own them all!!!


On a side note, I saw the color OPI's Italian Love Affair on a co-worker and now am on a mission to purchase and share. It is the perfect dolly pearl pink! Will share soon :)

Hope you all are having a good week - very excited to meet up with fellow bloggers this weekend!!!


sugar sugar said...

this looks amazing on you! so natural and so pretty! :3 i should stop reading posts on JS. makes me want to buy their blushes too! x)

faye lu review said...

hi irene - too pretty! colors are so YOU =) i agree US/european brands should put more thought thought into their packaging. i'm a sucker for pretty packaging. how do you find the quality of the JS brush?
lots of love x

DSK Steph said...

Your makeup is so pretty! Such a cute and sweet look with the JS <3

Lily. said...

Jill stuart is unconditionally made for princesses! The colors are beautiful and fit perfectly on the cheekbones. I, too, i have Milky strawberry and it smells so good! A very good product very attractive to quickly obtain ♥

Shop N' Chomp said...

I have this theory on packaging. American companies aim for a "sophisticated" look while Asian companies go for a "cutesy" one. Just a guess. I could be

*whispers* Don't laugh but I finally got my very first JS blush...hehe. *sniffs* I'm finally part of the club! \o/

Irene, you ALWAYS rock JS sooo well!! Your pretty face just makes for the perfect canvas. =D

Ping said...

ohh i love the packaging. its so pretty

i love the color blush on you. you look gorgeous as usual!

Anonymous said...

the milky pink is gorgeous on you!! it's quite hard to find the right milky pink.. JS seemed to have perfected it there!

Anonymous said...

You look so pretty!

I <3 the packaging and the brush- that's so cute and "princess" like.

Miss. P

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

ahh, soooooo pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) I LOVE the pretty blush and the princessy packaging :) You look stunning!

Irene said...

@Sugarsugar - I was the same way! I finally is quite expensive and adds up quickly! :(

@Faye - Thank you! :) The quality of the brushes is quite high though I would necessarily use them over my Sigma brushes - the goat hair is soft but the brush is a little small so you have to swirl and sweep more than I would like.

@Steph - Thanks! ^_^

@Lily - Don't you love it??? It's like a little piece of heaven every time I open the compact!

@Lisa - I can see what you're saying - I can see sophistication in Chanel or Dior packaging - but the run of the mill Covergirl or Maybelline is pretty yawn-worthy. They definitely 'cute' up the packaging in other countries - at least Maybelline i.e. the Hello Kitty x Maybelline mascara!

@Ping - Thank you so much dear! I wish I could be meeting up with you at the Blogger meetup, tell Sophia I say hi next time you catch up!

@NicNic - You would definitely know! :) Thank you, I envy your JS-in-everyday-reach over in Japan! (Maybe it's a good thing though, I won't be buying every collection if it's more hard-to-find!)

@TheFowl - Thank you so much and thanks for visiting :D

TaTa said...

That is such a pretty blush! The colours look beautiful :) The packaging... does look very princess-y! I don't own any JS stuff but I am looking to try them :) Thanks for the review!

Penelope said...

Great review! The blush looks gorgeous on you. you have such pretty features!

Sushi said...

Thanks for the review and swatch, i've been wanting to buy this blush for awhile now

Sharlene Kay said...

Hi beautiful! ive missed you and all ur cutsey posts! when i first saw the blush i first thought (okay 2nd thought, my first thought was omg cutest packaging everrr! lol) the bottom 2 colors look kinda bright but when u swirled them all together ur blush looks so pretty and natural. loves it<3

<33 Sharlene

Jessica Marie said...

Thanks for stopping by my page, Irene! You're beautiful and are such a sweetheart! I hope it's not long before we can hang out again!

This blush is gorgeous, and it looks fantastic on you!

VICKYFF said...

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Anonymous said...

nice review!! u got me wanting to buy more of JS stuff!! :D