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Jill Stuart Spring 2011 Cosmetics Collection

Jill Stuart's Spring 2011 Collection - Innocent Sexy

Jill Stuart sure knows how to make super girly, sweet, and princess-y products - This upcoming Spring, she's rolling out a line that is lovely & elegant with colors that are feminine and delicate.

Jill stuart innocent sexy

JS Spring 2011

New Blush Blossom duo* - Blush Blossom in Little Anemone
(Anemone is a type of flower as well as the type you find underwater :D)

Image from

I absolutely the ornate detailing on the compact casing and the included goat-hair brush with the PINK Swarovski crystal and little bow charm!

It comes as a loose powder that can be swirled together or used separately to create depth

This color is described as a "cute foggy pink combined with a girly anemone pink"

"Like the gentle blossoming of a wreath of pink flowers.
Loose powder cheek color that brings both innocence and luster to your cheeks"

Jill Stuart Spring 2011


New Mix blush in Milky Strawberry

"Quad powder blush with pure luster. Blends smoothly and adds a touch of soft color to your cheeks"

I'm excited to try this - I have actually heard that Jill Stuart blushes are very subtle with buildable color - I'm trying to prep myself for initial shock as I know they are not nearly as pigmented as MAC or NARS. If this one works out, I think I may try the Baby blush (01) and Fresh Apricot (06)

Top two colors look like a pinky highlighter & bottom two are a warm pinky-peach

Described as a "sweet and fluffy milky pink, reminiscent of strawberry milk"
(I like that...fluffy pink!)

Jill Stuart Mix blush


New Lip Jewel in ???* 12 New Colors!

"For full and pure lips, as though decorated with the glittering dust of gems.
A liquid rouge for fresh and clear color"

Jill stuart warm pink


New Jewel Crystal Eyes Palette in Angelic Topaz and Sweet Amethyst

"Genuine jewel-like shine...
Eye color palette that enables eyes with deep lustrous colors and glorious shine"

Jill Stuart Spring Jewel Crystal Eyes


New Nail Laquer colors include Dolly Bloom, Marshmallow Bonbon and Petal Shower

Jill stuart nail

Jill Stuart Spring 2011 nail

Oooooh I wish I could be back in Hong Kong! If you spend over $5000 HK you get a free gift. ($5000 HK Dollars = $643.31 USD and $639.06 Canadian) ;_;

It reminds me of a fancy tea set of sorts. What a perfect (and Princess-y) way to display your makeup collection!

JS Special present

・Tray(W:31.9cm D:13.8cm H:2.1cm)
・Cotton box(W:10cm D:10cm H:8.7cm)
・Cosmetic item holder (Φ:8cm H:8.5cm)
・Petit tray(W:10.6cm D:10.6cm H:4.5cm)

I found a lot of these blogs helpful when looking for swatches/reviews of various products:


It's hard (if not impossible) to find Jill Stuart cosmetics in the States but relatively easy to find online...a few retailers:



I'm so excited for my first Jill Stuart Experience! I will be doing some reviews/swatches once I receive my order. (I picked up the blushes!) :)

In Hong Kong, the line will officially launch on January 10th, 2011

Are you planning on picking up anything from the Spring Collection?


alison*elle said...

OMG, the packaging is to-die-for! SO PRETTY, I want!!


Ping said...

i'm loving your new banner!
i have never tried her stuff before, but the packaging is too cute.

Straight Up Glam said...

I've never tried this brand before, but wow the packaging is absolutely gorgeous!!

Andrée xx

sugar sugar said...

JS isn't locally available in my country but I'm thinking of ordering iit OL since the packaging is really, really, really (i can't stress this enough LOL!) pretty! :3

Susie said...

Ahhh, everything is so pretty & cute! ^__^ I love JS packaging! <3 & I really like your new banner!

Sushi said...

I'm in LOVE with the blush quad....i can't wait to get that!

나니 said...

Omg the brush the brush the bruuush! SO CUTE *_*

Coco said...

jill stuart products seriouslyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy makes me want to splurge every time i see it!

the blush packaging is super cute!
- Coco

Maria May said...

Super cute ! <3 didnt know jill stuart made cute stuff like that :O

Barbie said...

The packaging is so cute!! I don't think I'd pick anything up, but they look adorable!

And we're both from Texas! :P

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Cindii said...

Really pretty!!

yumiko said...

hey irene!

thanks for the update. it's officially launched today! so excited. been wanting to try some products from JS.

How have you been lately?

Rinny said...

Aghh I wish Jill Stuart cosmetics were more easily attainable in the US; I absolutely adore the packaging. Thanks for sharing the link of online stores; I'll check those out :)

Rachel said...

I can never get over just how adorable JS packaging is!! =D

Tammy said...

Hi Irene~!

Thanks for the mention on your blog^^ I've also followed you back :)

..Hehhe yup I definitely went through a Jill Stuart phase during the second half of 2010! Their packaging is just too sweet!

Rakhshanda said...

Wowww awesome the packaging!! Nice blog your header:))
Plz check out mine-
Hope you like it:)

Shop N' Chomp said...

I still have yet to pick up one of their cute blushes! T_T I have an eBay credit so I can finally do it...hehe. Can't wait to see your haul! *^_^* And ok, that gift IS cute but I have to spend $643.31 just to get it? @_@ I think it would be awesome if they also offered it for sale.

(Hee hee...omg, can't believe your sis also has a dog named Boba! :D And what?! You're telling me it snows in Texas? Not cool!)

Shop N' Chomp said...

P.S Love your new banner!!!

20 York Street said...

I am such a sucker for pretty packaging so I'd buy these just to look at them!

Stay Happy and Positive!




kileen said...

wow, so many pretty things!! i'm definitely tempted. :)

Anonymous said...

is that you in the banner??? You look so pretty! Just like a model! Ah JS is super pretty.. good job i've but up resistant to new makeup these days :P

i wish i was more hands on with the wedding planning, the truth is im only selecting with the wedding options with the wedding planner. i hope the colours will all work!

lisa said...

love your blog!! you're so pretty!
and love that packaging i love everything sparkly too!!

new follower here!

please come visit and follow my blog too if you like it!

rae630 said...

Jill Stuart is sooo lovely! Eki was the one who got me interested in it. I have one Jill Stuart blush. I can stare at the packaging all day. LOL. I'm so glad you like the Hello Kitty handbag! Ya know, I thought that same thing about the Japanese Barbie makeup I picked up. The compact looks like something MAC would of made except, like you say, "pinker." heehee. I wore the eyeliner I blogged about today. Staying power is AMAZING. no fading. I still like Dolly Wink. There isn't too much difference excep that Dolly Wink is for sure in cuter packaging. hahaha. Ya, lots of Asian food here in LA/Orange County area. And what I like about it is that its cheap. Good food, great price. Take care! <3 Rina

anatanoting said...

irene! how have you been

Shop N' Chomp said...

LOL at "Rat's nest"! XP Sad but true: the hubs calls mine "Medusa hair". T_T Thanks for understanding my pain, babe.

Hope you have an awesome weekend! <3

Michelle said...

this makeup is so beautiful :) thanks for sharing