Friday, June 18, 2010

Review: NYX Tinted Lip Spa Swatches on lips

Hi guys! My NYX haul from arrived a few days ago!!! I'm a newbie to the line - after seeing it everywhere with huge comparisons drawn to MAC (right up to the stylish black packaging)...I couldn't resist!

Again, Summer is here and my lips are in desperate need of some TLC!


NYX Tinted Lip Spa

The lids are clear so you can see the color right underneath!
NYX lip spa caps

Here they are all swiveled up - they look pretty drastically different with/without flash
NYX lip spa open

And swatched on my skin with and without flash
NYX lip spa swatches

** On the lips **

Spirit - a light pink

Sake - a mauve pink

Jewel - a coral pink

Vintage - a reddish pink

**OMG just noticed the colors almost look exactly alike on the lips! (well on me at least) LOL...well, that's a tinted lip product for you hahaha I promise the colors are actually slightly different though***

The name itself makes these tinted lip balms seem so luxurious - according the the site, they have been formulated with "Vitamin E and extra moisturizing properties to nourish and condition lips while adding color." They do wrap your lips in a temporary layer of moisture and feel very smooth once applied. There is a strong minty sensation, akin to the feeling you get when you apply a product like "Burt's Bees" lip balm. However, nothing to the point of tingling aka E.L.F. plumping lip glaze. I hate lipstick normally and these were incredibly easy to wear! The only gripe I have with these lip spas is that at the end of the day (with no in-between applications), my lips felt rather dry.

Pros: Affordable ($5.50 a pop on NYX site, $3.75 on, large selection of pretty colors, feels good on the lips, color noticeable, sturdy & stylish packaging

Cons: Temporary moisturizing effect, may dry out lips if you already are prone to dryness, colors can look similar on lips, Sensitive to heat so don't leave in your car in the middle of the Summer heat!

Rating: (3/5)

At first I was tempted to buy the whole set, but now I am CONTROLLING my spending much better. (At least I like to think...) I was upset that CherryCulture was sold out of the Cococabana color at the time, but in the end, I was pleased with my choices. If you are planning on purchasing these, you should wait for a good sale to come along! Sometimes they can be up to 50% off. Also I would recommend you go with a just a few colors as these are tinted lip products and the color payoff is exactly that of a tint so you really don't need the whole set. I think I prefer my Maybelline Moisture Extreme lipstick over the Lip Spas because they provide more moisture for my lips and don't dry them out as much...however, these are still a good option for ladies who might not suffer as much from dryness.

Although the tinted lip spas didn't end up in my HG of lip products, so far, I have really been impressed with NYX. (which btw, means "Goddess of the Night") It's just a shame they don't sell this line at most drugstores. The color selection is amazing, the quality is impressive, and all at an affordable price! After tossing about 5-6 MAC lipglosses that were past their prime (I should really start throwing out my old makeup more often, for hygenic purposes), I wondered why I was blowing all this money on products that I would have to toss in a year or so. NYX just makes cents. (hahaha sorry, couldn't resist... ;D)

I have purchased some of their Black Label Lipsticks, Round lipsticks, Round lipglosses, eyeshadow palettes and pearl pigment powders which I will reviewing/swatching in future posts!


I am so very lucky to have so many gorgeous and sweet followers...thank you all for your support. I plan on giving back again soon in a fun way! :D

I hope you ladies had a fabulous week, please go on and enjoy the weekend! :)



PetiteAsianGirl said...

Lol, they do look similar, but in the natural lighting you can see some subtle differences. THanks for the review as well as the tip on CherryCulture where they are offered for less. Every little bit of savings counts!

xbbkay said...

i LOVE NYX lippies. I've never used any type of tinted lippies before though, maybe because i like the pigmentation of regular lipsticks. Thanks for reviewing these!

sophia said...

Oooh I do see the slight differences, especially on your arm. Colors are so hard to capture under certain settings, but I'm sure in person the colors ar emuch more noticeable!

I didn't even know NYC made this product!

I'm curious to see what NYX lippies you have! Any corals by any chance? I've been looking for one, but too lazy to search the web for swatches and such hehe.

Susie said...

They do look like totally different colors with & then without the flash, aha. But they're still really pretty! :) I never tried out their Tinted Lip Spas tempt me :( Hahaha :P

lipstick cherry said...

hey hun! i'm having a makeup sale on my blog, so please feel free to check it out! ;)

Shop N' Chomp said...

"Lip Spa"...what a genius name but oh noes! It left your lips dry? :( I guess that means it probably wouldn't work on my insanely dry lips. Thanks for the review!

P.S Haha...thanks for the Crocs support! The day I start wearing the clogs is the day hell freezes over. :P

Aney said...

Those are gorgeous colours! I wish I could own as many lipsticks as you. I have the hardest time picking out lipstick colours - really do wish I can buy them all. I find it extremely hard to find lipsticks with the perfect colour, and texture.

Irene said...

Petiteasiangirl - No problem - I love Cherryculture b/c sometimes they have up to 50% off NYX! I am still mad I missed the $1 NYX sale from the original site!

@Xbbkay - I love tinted lipsticks since it's somewhere in between committed and not committed LOL ;) These are more like chapstick to me, though unfortunately, they left my lips a little dry.

@Sohpia - :) I think the most coral lippie I have is going to be the color in "India" or "Orange soda" BOTH of which you own...but they might even be more on the orange side than the coral side. I'll let you know if I find one that I like! ;)

@Susie - haha you were the one that got me into NYX! All those fun swatches on your page :)

@Shop n Chomp - I was pretty disappointed that it was less moisturizing than the Maybelline Moisture Extreme...but I guess it's a good standby for the purse (though I heard it melts easily in the Summer heat!)

@Aney - I really didn't own much lipstick until now :) NYX has so many colors and choices for cheap which makes it easy :) You should give them a try (once there is a sale, of course ;))

aisyah De Cullen said...

Haha..I like the pun. <3
Thanks for the review! The packaging is pretty sleek for such an affordable product.
The only NYX stuff that I have tried are their round lipglosses and I am happy with them =)
NYX sure makes quality items without burning a hole in people's pocket!

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