Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hawaiian Summer ♥ - Sweet June 2010 scans

**Picture heavy post!!!**

So if you lovely ladies don't already know, I am madly in love with HAWAII . I've been there once in my life, but merely visiting brought me a sense of peace and belonging. The natural beauty of the islands is truly unmatched. The people there are incredibly friendly, the shave ice cannot be beat, and the views will forever imprint your brain with images of true paradise. A trip to Hawaii just leaves you in awe!


I was pleasantly surprised to find a nice spread chock-full of Hawaiian beachy goodness in the latest issue of "Sweet"! The beautiful Ms. Nic Nic from "Bang Bang She Shoots" has some scans up as well from this edition and I fully agree that this is one of my favorite Japanese magazines because it appeals to people older than 20. LOL.

The timeless and age-resistant Ayu graces probably her 1,000,000th cover :) She is so flawless it hurts!


The spread is titled "Alice in Hawaii" Wish it could be more along the lines of "Irene in Hawaii" LOL


Love the Summer vacation getaway clothing - so breezy and comfy!


























An 'out-takes' photo from the first photo!


[mini rant]

Alice must be one of the magazine's models that reappears time and again...I failed to mention this beforehand because I did not want it to desecrate your enjoyment of these fine Hawaiian photos...BUT Alice keeps making this face or doing something with her mouth that MAJORLY irks me! Why the endless assortment of pouts? Did you just down a gallon of lemon juice? Stop taking yourself so seriously - you're in freaking HAWAII!!! They should have picked somebody that had a sunny disposition to match the sunny island feel!

[end rant]

Maybe I'm just jealous...I would probably just be smiling from ear to ear nonstop in every single photo!


I still want a cute mad ruffly bikini since well...ruffles are good for people like me ;)


Okay couldn't resist...

Irene in Hawaii

Since this post is so Summer-oriented, just wanted to mention that I will be hosting a Summer-love contest shortly with equally lovable prizes! :)


To all my lovely readers, enjoy the rest of the week and get some SUN (but don't forget the sunscreen)!


Susie said...

That's a lot of covers! She is so gorgeous! Ahhh, as well as all of those swim suits! >___<

locke said...

LOL! your summer poster with your name on it is super awesome!!!!!! you did it??? I should make one too! who wouldn't be happy if you are going spend the whole summer in Hawaii???? yeah, same rant here :S anyways, thank you for sharing those scans.I love the 13th and 3rd pics from the last.enjoy the summer! xoxo

Anonymous said...

I agree! The re-appearing pout is kind of...strange. (O.o)

Yes, come back to Hawaii! What island did you go to when you came here? :)

Rachel said...

I didn't notice the mouth thing til you mentioned it but your totally right! She should be super happy!! =D I'd love to visit Hawaii, I've heard great things! I <3 your version of the mag! Very cute idea =)

Rachel said...

p.s. Thanks for posting all the scans =)

Shop N' Chomp said...

Aw, I love the "Irene in Hawaii" postcard...hee hee. So cute *^_^* Omg, I so want to be there RIGHT NOW!! Thanks for the scans, girl. LMAO at your rant! You're right though. They need someone that actually looks like she enjoys being there. ;)

Ping said...

I love the pictures....the bikinis are so cute. We have a beach in SF because its never warm enough to go. I can't wait until I go to vacation this July and bask in the warm sun! :)

Edwina said...

I've never been to Hawaii, but really want to, and even more so after reading your post! >_<

Pop Champagne said...

haha Irene in Hawaii!!! love it! I would love to be someplace tropical feeling sand between my toes instead of sitting in an office waiting for work! Those girls all look so cute, I just love asian poses. btw I finally replied to your e mail sorry lately I've been so busy with work! -_- I fired your request to Jewels of Denial & will keep you posted!

Crystal/Cherry said...

I love and hate the beach. I love the ocean, but I am too afraid to get tanned. I got taned way too easily and I don't trust sunscreen no matter how much I apply and how much the SPF or PA value is. Haha, weird me I guess. Thanks for sharing! Please visit my blog also!^0^

Anonymous said...

your scans are WAAAAAY better than mine!

LOL@alice`s face... I couldnt agree more... she has a funny expression.. in fact a lot of the japanese magazine models have the same expression in every picture :P

but hey i still want her beach-bod XD

-mztoots- said...

lol didnt realize how unfitting her facial expressions were till you mentioned it. nice post =) i love asian mags wish i could understand them lol

Jenni and Ying said...

lovely blog!

new follower ^.^

Jenni @ Beauty By Two

sophia said...

Hehe "Irene in Hawaii"! How cute :) I had the Matsumoto shave ice when I was there.. which was in middle school :o Sooo long ago. I would love to take a trip to one of the more remote islands for some outdoor exploring!

LOL funny rant about the pout! Who knows why they do it.. but in many Japanese magazines they have obsession with making poutsy/cutesy faces! Ping and I talked about how Tsubasa does the strange lip curl.. I think it's a genetic thing to be able to do that! My lips don't bend in enough placs to do it >.<

And yes Ayu is quite amazing isn't she? Have you ever watched her on variety tv? She's so adorable and perfect on camera even! And in concert.. she's forgotten her lines sometimes but she's so adorable as she hums along, and her fans love it! She epitomizes kawaii ^_^