Sunday, June 13, 2010

Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipstick Swatch Update + Combo falsies

So much has been going on these past few days...busy volunteering and running around doing errands. :P

Still, I have time to squeeze in an update on the Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipstick swatches from my previous post! Summertime is basically here and although my lips are even more chapped/dry/parched in the winter, it still persists into the summer. *sigh* So many ladies had mentioned how much they loved the color "NUDE BLUSH" but they were all sold out the last time I hauled. So here is my recent review of the color:

In the tube
Nude blush

On my lips!
nude blush

*Complete look*
Wedding ride
Tried out the Tokidoki Luminosa powder here in Kabuki - LOVE! Very subtle but lasting!

This lipstick, like all the other maybelline moisture extreme lippies, felt like lingerie on the lips, so smooth, silky, and comfortable!

Again, to see all colors & swatches, visit my last review here!

Rating: (5/5)

Still lotsa love for this lippie!

I my falsies

In order to get the look above, I used two pairs of I mentioned in another post, I love falsies since it helps create the appearance of larger eyes. Plus my natural lashes are the usual short, stubby, non-existent variety, so falsies give me a little extra 'oomph'. T_T

Combining falsies can really make your eyes "pop!" - I usually only do this for special occasions like a night out since it is a bit dramatic. :)

Lash love

You can find Ardell's at any drug store and Darkness lashes are sold at Korean markets and online at (by the way on special AGAIN - $2.95 for 2 pairs of lashes!!!). The Kma5s are a lot lighter than the other style of Kmas - the band is thinner and more flexible which = optimized comfort!

I love the look of lush lashes! (Older pics, same combo of lashes)

Ardell Kma5s combo

Kma5 + Ardell 109s


I went to see Wicked to celebrate my 3-year anniversary with my boyfriend. I had to leave straight from the wedding reception, and didn't have time to change. Had I prepared more, I would have joined in on the fun with "Wicked-themed" attire and makeup! I did enjoy seeing all the theater-goers in their green dresses and pointy hats though. ;)


And a post wouldn't be a post without some food pics!!! For my Mom's b-day we had some of the tastiest peking duck + pineapple sweet & sour chicken (HK style!) that I've ever eaten!

Pineapple sweet and sour

Peking duck

*happy sigh*


Welcome to all of my beautiful new followers :)

Hope you had a wonderful weekend
(I can't wait until the next weekend already lol)


Angelique said...

Nude blush is a pretty color. Perfect for everyday and/or minimal wear :D. Those falsies look great on you! So simple yet it really does make your eyes pop.

Oh and Wicked is seriously the best!! Loved that musical. I'd so see it again :D

Have a great day Irene!

PetiteAsianGirl said...

Beautiful final look! I can't wait to look for that the next time I'm at CVS. I have the same dry/chapped lips that persists into the summer, but your don't look dry at all in the pic.

PS - happy 3 year to you guys! Congrats : )

Cydia said...

OoOOOH I still haven't try those lippies yet after reading your review i SO wanna go get it...GOSH! its all your fault lol hahahahahaha jk you look gorgeous! and those lashes look really nice too i wish i can wear lashes for daily basic...but im so lazy and it takes so long to do it for me hahaa

Blushingloves said...

You look gorgeous!!!And the lashes great!!!Lipstick is awesome too!

Crystal/Cherry said...

LOVE your lashes, they look so full and nice!^0^

Susie said...

Omg, Nude Blush looks REALLY good on you! I think I want to go out & get that color now too! >___< Hahahha. I like your layered lashes. I've never tried that, it looks kinda' hard to manage, aha. Omg the food T___T LOOKS SOOOOO GOOD!<3

Ping said...

The lip color is so pretty....just enough but not too much. I hate when lipsticks that are too bright. I usually don't like to wear anything on my lips besides a little gloss or lip balm, but I definitely should give that a try! The lashes really do make your eyes pop. I used to work for Bobbi Brown...haha you'd never think because I'm really minimal when it comes to makeup & nail polish & all that girly stuff!

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

Such a pretty look! :)

Aww, congrats! 3 yrs is a long time :) Wicked must've been GREAT!!!! :)

Rachel said...

Love the lippy colour! Suits you so well =)

I've never seen wicked, but it sounds great! =D

Pop Champagne said...

I saw wicked and thought it was pretty good! And woo we have the same speedy :D You look really pretty in the red lip stick btw and your skin is so flawless!

Shop N' Chomp said...

Happy 3 year anniversary! Aw, you went to see Wicked! The lippie and falsies look so nice on you. I am such a falsies newb, it's embarrassing. :P *stomach growls* I'm digging the food porn. Looks like your Mom had a fab b-day! :D

Irene said...

@Angelique - you seriously are too sweet...thank you so much for the compliments :) And YES, Wicked was awesome!!!

@Petiteasiangirl - Thanks! I would definitely give these 'lipsticks' a shot though I wouldn't even call them that haha...I actually wear them!

@Cydia - I've missed you hun! :D LOL...blogworld will do that to you ;) I loved your lash tutorial, you look lovely always anyway, with or without eyes just look...bald LOL

@Blushing/Crystal - Thank you!!!

@Susie -'s not too bad, but more work T_T I only do it for special occasions :)

@Ping - OMG, yes, I am just like you! Which is weird that I like a product with "lipstick" in the name so much, but I do!!! :) That's cool that you used to work for BB...I love her stuff, just very $$$

@Rainy Days...thanks hun :D

@Rachel - you are always so sweet ^_^ - Thanks!

@Julie - I love that speedy! Except if I put too much in it, it prolapses LOL

@Shop n' Chomp - Oh I'm sure you would get it after a few took me years to be somewhat proficient at it...I mean it seriously took me about an hour to place them before...hahaha...I still am by no means an expert :D

hkittygirl said...

That food looks delicious!

Kym said...

i love your falsies too!!! man, if only i could put them on without it looking stupid. hahaha! when i try, it's always lopsided and it just looks weird. but on you? fabulous!

Kim Hye Rin ♥ 김혜린 said...

I'm really torn and partial for nude tone lipstick~ aaaaa

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