Sunday, May 9, 2010

Review: Missha Perfect Cover BB cream +

Hello beauties!

It has been such a busy past few weeks. I feel oddly guilty that I haven't been able to keep up with a lot of my favorite blogs let alone maintain my own! :(

It's about time for a review! (first one in May!)

Missha Perfect Cover BB cream in no. 23! (the darker shade)

One of my co-workers was kind enough to supply me with a sample of what is apparently one of Korea's top BB creams!


This is what it claims to do (from website)

Wrinkle care + UV PRoof(SPF 42 PA+++) + Moisturing + Make up base + Foundation

It provides excellently concealing any types of pigmentation or discoloration area on face including acne, couperose, vitiligo, age spots, sun spots and dark circles.

· For all skin type even for acne skin type
· It can be used as a makeup base or foundation.
· Containing substances for Soothing the skin (Na-complex)

MISSHA M BB Cream Contains natural ingredients that do not damage or irritate the skin. With Continuous use, your sensitive skin will be calm, protected from redness and keep its health.


My Sample
Missha perfect cover bb cream

Here is a closer pic of the product itself
Missha bb cream sample

This bb cream comes in 2 shades: no. 21 (light beige) and no. 23 (natural beige). No. 21 is for the lighter skin gals and apparently has yellow undertones. No. 23 is for darker skinned gals (and by dark, I mean a slight tan!) and has pinker undertones. Unfortunately, none of these truly 'fits' me as I have darker skin and yellow undertones.

Here is me sans bb cream (bare skin!!!) - don't be afraid! You can see there is some rudiness/redness in my cheeks. For reference, my skin is combination -- dry in the winter and oily in the Summer! :( I am also acne-prone though after taking much better care of my skin, breakouts are much less frequent.


Bare skin


AFTER (bathroom lighting)
Missha perfect cover bathroom lighting

AFTER (with flash)

**wearing my brand spankin' new sexy GSP snowflake necklace ;)**
Missha perfect cover flash

As you can see, my face looks okay in regular lighting...but with flash? Waaaaaay too light! *sigh* Since a lot of these BB creams are formulated for girls with fair, moon-kissed complexions, I have to really search to find my perfect bb cream if such a thing exists!

It covers decently, has a pleasant, non-irritating smell, and lasts ALL DAY without budging...but it felt kind of 'heavy' on the skin in my opinion. I dislike wearing liquid foundation so it might be more comfortable on girls that are used to wearing cream or liquid based makeup. (I prefer powder if possible) I don't mind wearing a sunscreen so maybe my perfect match would be something that wears more like a sunscreen than a foundation if that is even possible?

The worst part about this bb cream - a few days after wearing it (despite washing thoroughly aftewards) I broke out!!! Not just little tiny bumps - 2 horrible huge cystic pimples after a few months of being virtually pimple free!!! T_T


Affordable (sells for $11 for 30ml on
Plenty of SPF 42+
Covers relatively well
Faint but pleasant smell
Claims to have anti-aging properties
Not drying and oil control
Lasts all day

Extremely limited colors
Feels heavy on the skin
Caused a break out after ONE use!

Rating: (2/5)

I would have given 3 hearts if it didn't break me out afterwards...kind of a deal breaker for me. :( This might work for fairer skinned ladies or people who are not acne-prone!


On a happier, non-pimply note, I was able to feed my innards something happy this weekend (and I like to think, healthy too) at my favorite local Yogurtland!

Pinkberry wannabes have spread all over the US, thank goodness! Only 30 cents an ounce at this location!


The best type of places are self-serve and weight based so you can DIY your perfect froyo!

Yogurtland fun

I'm apparently not very good at squeezing out the yogurt into the bowls...My bf laughed at me :(

Yogurtland bowl 2

It didn't matter though, every bite was so delicious!!!
In this bowl: Yogurt - Taro/green tea mix, fresh strawberry, tart Lychee, peach & mango.
Toppings -I MOCHI, so tons of it plus pineapple & gummi bears

Yogurtland bowl

Plus they care about the environment! ^_^

Yogurtland spoons


Hello to new lovelies Hardcore makeup junkie, Colourful world, StarryXuan, Dana, Lovesweetcrystal, Suzie, Xagnes, Kaitlyn, & natalka!


Next up: Review of Coastal Scents 88 makeup palette, lashes, & Glam Sparkle Pop!!!

Good night, hope you all had a fantastic weekend
& Happy Mother's Day to all the sexy mamas out there ;)!


xbbkay said...

yeah i heard this bb cream only has two shades. even though i have very pale skin, im still hesitant to try this bb cream.

awww,m sucks that it broke u out! feeling ya right now. it just feels so aweful. blahh n they take forever to recover. you have great skin, you dont need any foundation!

take care babe

For The Fierce said...

Thanks for this review, in my last post I spoke about BB creams as well, that I've never tried it & I need reviews on it. Reading your post I got real interested thinking "ok cool I'll try it out" buuuut that changed! I am acne prone so I'm scared I'll break out too. Maybe it's just that specific brand.. idk ugh still gotta read up on it.

oh & I used to work at Redmango, it's like pinkberry, & I would get it free all the fucking timeeee so fucking good. Thank god those days are over, that place sucked

Leah ♥ said...

Awww too bad you broke out, the cream looked great!

Ive been really wanting to try some bb cream, any suggestions for a good one?

That dessert looks so yummy!

Irene said...

@xbbkay - thanks :) I am trying out a few bb creams just b/c I am so interested in these other beneficial effects.

@Forthefierce - I was so disappointed in this particular cream, but there are a TON out there...not all will break you out. I hope to find a good one too at which point I'll def. share! :D

@Leah - So far this is the only bb cream I've tried! I have one coming in the mail though (Skinfood aloe bb cream, perfect for Summer!) and hopefully I will have better results minus all the blemishes!

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

The cream looked really good on you :) And for the flash, that's what artificial lighting does to our skins :/ Too bad it made you break out. I guess it means that it was way too much coverage for your delicate skin. And you have AMAZING skin!! Flawless. I thought you already had the BB cream on in the first pic!! You must do a skincare regimen when you have a chance to :) I'd love to know what you put on at night or if you frequently wear facial masks :)

I think I'm going to look into it on Amazon since it's around $11. I have discoloration and an uneven complexion so I think this BB cream will be really beneficial for me :p I'm using one from L'egere, another Korean brand and it's pretty good. It might work for you since it's a bit darker too! It's darker than yours and I think they only have 2 shades :p
Or actually, ONE shade! It's very light and kind of watery based so you can check that out :)

Can't wait for your coastal scents review!!! I love eyeshadow reviews, especially these big pallete-y ones since I tend to splurge on those :)

Glad you like Yogurtland!! I've been frequenting that place for over 3 yrs now! LOL What's your fave flavor?! :) They had red velvet recently and I'm hooked on that!! So cool you put gummy bears in yours! I thought I was the only one!! :p

dblchin said...

omg! UR skin looks so so good even before putting makeup!

I'm flushing with envy~

Dana Yoshimizu said...

Oh how I LOVE Yogurtland! ^__^

& RYC -
They actually weren't virgin drinks *shhh* lol
My family members read my blog so they can keep up with how I'm doing since I go to school far away, so I've gotta play it like I was a total good girl on my bday. ;) hahhaa! I didn't go crazy, just drinks pictured, but also I figured I also shouldn't be promoting drinking on my blog, so I decided to declare them as virgin 0=] lol

Susie said...

Aw, I'm sorry to hear that it broke you out :/ This is the only BB Cream I've tried & I really like it :/ Hahaha. I love Yogurtland! I wish they still had the cute little Tokidoki cups!

Camille(SHOBE) said...

a lot of people did broke out on missha,i guess im lucky coz im not one of them,i really like its coverage,it looks good on you though,we had the same youghurt store here but the name is completely different hehe.

xbbkay said...

is it your first time using bb cream? have u used any other bb creams?

Serena said...


Just felt like shouting your name. =] Hello miss!

I had the same experience with Missha too! I wanted to love this product but it made me break out slightly. {*bleh} The coverage was pretty good and I loved how it made my skin look.
I LOVE how it looks on you too. Your skin looks flawless... but it always does. {*heehee} So disappointed by the breakouts though.

Yogurtland is so yummy! It was the first froyo I ever tried. I miss it. I like Pinkberry too. Have you tried Pinkberry before?

Looking forward to see what you got from Glam Sparkle Pop!!

<3 Serena.

RandomnessWithKhris said...

Nothing like some yogurtland! I think i'll bring my little ones there today (it is a bit chilly out today - so we'll see!) but your yogurt looks yummy! i have to try me some mochi! :)

that sucks about the BB cream! i have wanted to try it as well, but of course i'm darker than you so i know it'll be too light for it! that sucks when something breaks you out - but you have beautiful skin already!


Pop Champagne said...

the cream made you break out!? no good!! :( But your skin is so perfect as is! I don't think there's a yogurtland here in my city, darn, cuz it looks delicious. yummmm!

Caroline :] said...


You look good with the BB cream!! I'm sorry it didn't work out for you though, and instead produced less than stellar results with the acne! I heard that SkinFood BB creams are better for slightly tanner girlies, so maybe you should check that out! And from what I've seen on different blogs & forums, Skin79 is also another good brand for tanner girls, too! ^_^ Your skin is hella freaking nice without the BB cream already!!

AHHH your eyes are SOO BEAUTIFUL!! I get lost everytime I look at them! Seriously, I stare at them ALL DAY LONG!! You are soo lucky that you have HUMONGOUS, dreamy, pretty, mesmerizing, and super light brown eyes!! I shall call you Bambi from now on (haha jk...if that's ok with you lol). I wonder if you got your momma's eyes or your dad's? xD

Aww, you look soo cute and suuperr happy at Yogurtland!! Lol xD Like a little girl in a candy storee (yogurt is just as good, if not better!) lol and you got your candy fix w/ the gummybears anyway! I LOVE the taro flavor at Yorgurtland!! (they're yogurt is not really healthy though because I found out they use whole milk--that's fatty!) But it tastes good...

Ohh!! My Sasa haul came!! I made a post about it if you're interested in seeing what I got! xD Can't wait until I have time to try out the stuff!

♥ caroline

inge luciana said...

thanks for sharing. don't worry, your skin isn't so oily. my skin is very very oily. and i feel that liquid foundation will make our face looks more oily. oh, really hate that! i really hate if i have to take photo at night so i have to use flash. my face looks scary ( i think , Lols). anyway, love your eyes, it's pretty. do u wear contact lens or something?

Katie Ngo said...

Hey Irene!
Thanks for this review. Thank God I'm not the only one that experienced "break-outs" from this cream. Maybe only because I'm acne prone??? Who knows. I've been reading super good reviews everywhere...and that made me try it. The first week I tried it, I was breaking outttt. :( Even after washing my face so well, it still happened. So I stopped using it, and not another break-out yet. Though its a nice cover up, definitely bad for those that are ACNE prone... :/

Yogurtland// that sounds soooo yummy. I swear, we have nothing in Minnesota! :X So boring with nothing exciting. Hahaha. Stay beautiful as always <3

Miss*Kimmy said...

A little off topic - but I love the shape of your eyes! They're so big but also almond shaped - beautiful =)

*Anita* said...

you look gorgeous as always dear! i've been looking for a darker BB cream now that it's getting close to summer and was considering this one. now i'm not so sure b/c i'm worried about breaking out as well. thanks for the review!

that frozen yogurt looks SO yummy! i love how you added gummy bear to it. the green coloured ones are my favourite ;) xx

Shop N' Chomp said...

Yogurtland! Mochi is my fave topping too...hee hee. You look so happy getting your fro yo! *^_^* I'm with you the BB cream thing. I never found one that worked for me so I kinda gave I'm loving Laura Mercier's tinted moisturizer now. Have you tried?

Anonymous said...

gaaah that bb cream broke me out too.. i havent used in over yr and half. that stuff is evil.. now i dont evebn want to use bb creams. thanks for sharing!

Pauline Reyes said...

Hi Irene,
I’m using light beige and I love it!
~Pauline @Kallony

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