Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Birthday ♥ + Awesome giveaway!

Another year passes, another reason to look/feel/act younger than I actually am...


I hate having to feel this way as a woman...instead of the distinguished, mature, desirable aging of a man, time is every woman's mortal enemy...

In reality, I'm not too bummed out by turning 27. ;) Thanks for all the words of encouragement from you lovely ladies! I know age is just a's just that sometimes I feel a lot younger than I actually am... I might have once thought that I would be married with kids at 28 but sometimes, life doesn't go exactly as planned - the unpredictability is what makes things so beautiful though. You never know what's around the corner!


Just thought I'd share a few photos from my b-day weekend with you :)


EOTD 5-16

EOTD natural

Used Maybelline Eyestudio Color Plush silk eyeshadow Quad in Taupe Temptress (new favorite quad! Review soon)


Car pic

Foooooood of the day!!!

Yummy fatty tuna & surf clam at my favorite sushi joint!

Super fatty tuna and surf clam


Sasa Haul 2

Dolly Wink Haul

Birthday gift 2010

Little lipglosses

Gift from Paris

Gift from Annie

New Kicks.
Time to get my butt in shape!!! (literally)

New kicks


Hello to all my lovely new readers! You all make me feel spoiled! :D And I know I have been bad about getting back in comments and in general, but I really love reading your comments and suggestions. I will be responding to some requests in my inbox so look out for new posts soon!


Finally, I just found out about Bang Bang She Shoots via Serena! Nic Nic is a lovely blogger that lives in Tokyo and has started up an internet business to give us ladies access to Japanese Cosmetics!!! It's called A Pop of Kawaii ~ Check it out!!!

She is having a giveaway...with SIX winners! Ends June 6th!


LittoMokaa said...

Aaww Happy Belated birthday Irene! :D You finally got your hand on Laneige's water sleeping pack huh? ;D Love your FOTD! So simple and cute =)

Liana said...

happy bday! looks like you got some great stuff! haha, i feel the same way you do about aging (ps. im the same age as you!) but i try not to think about it and instead see it as a positive thing-you're old enough to do whatever you want, but look young enough to get away with it! :)

Irene said...

@LittoMokaa - Thanks!!! :) And unfortunately, the Water Sleeping Pack was STILL sold out when I purchased - so that is just the eyecream :(

@Liana - I had no idea! You still look like you are in undergrad dear (and I mean that as a compliment ;)) Haha...that's a great what to think about it too!

lipstick cherry said...

hey hun, i'm having a blog sale on my page, so please feel free to check it out =)

Miss*Kimmy said...

WOW, look at all the loot you got!!!
Love all those cute Japanese itmes and you look so cute with the clip in your hair =)

Makeup and More by Shelly said...

Those lashes are sooo pretty on you! Love the pics! :D


sophia said...

Oh my I love those lashes on you! I love how they're more towards the outer eye, looks really pretty! And you look so cute sitting there opening your goodies :)

What kind of laneige products did you get?? And omg you got so many Dolly Wink! Isn't their packaging fantastic??

And yes.. I agree ~ you never know what's around the corner! Life can be unpredictable at times, and you find you're in a place that you never imagined you would be :)

Joy said...

Happy belated birthday!
Those eyelashes look really nice on you. It looks like you got some lovely gifts! I love that Paris keyring <3

Susie said...

Ahh, happy belated birthday! Sorry I missed it! You look nothing like 27 :P Works in your advantage though! Hehehe.

I love your EOTD! What lashes are you wearing? They're gorrrgeous! I love the picture of you opening up your goodies :P So cute. You're so skinny too! Lucky girl!

Angelique said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Irene!! You totally don't look 27!! :]

Great food & great gifts! I hope you enjoyed your birthday.

Your lashes you used for your bday weekend are sooo pretty. Also, I don't think I have that quad, but I'll definitely check it out when I go to the store :]

Take care <3

eki said...

Happy belated birthday! I understand completely about being bummed about getting older and realize that is just a number hehe :3

Great haul! Im loving my dolly wink stuff for sure especially the glue and the liquid eyeliner~ hope you are too<3

Crystal said...

Happy belated birthday, the haul looks really nice, looking forward to read your reviews on the items!

DSK said...

OMGGG best blog post! So many goodies! I want dolly wink lashes now! It seems like everyone is talking about them lol. I'm such a follower :P

PetiteAsianGirl said...

Happy birthday!! Your FOTD looks GORG...such smooth, clear skin and big eyes. I'm loving those lashes too. And what an adorable photo of you opening the packages.

Yum yum...I love fatty tuna and fatty salmon sushi : )

Kim said...

hey there! aww pretty presents! u got a new follower now. take that as a bday present from me to you hehe. =)

hope you could follow me as well


Ritalime said...

Happy Belated bday!!!

Jo said...

Happy belated birthday Irene! No worries! You don't look 27 at all.

What a coincidence! My birthday just passed a few days ago too and guess what? You've someone here older than your 27 year-old self! Haha.. Yours truly at 28! =( I feel so old whenever I blog hop and see every gorgeous babe in their early 20s or even teens!

I feel like you too! I think age is just a number and I feel energetic and am doing a lot more stuff than I used to a few years back. It's like raring to fulfil all dreams before I get even older.

Enjoy your weekend!

Rachel said...

A belated happy birthday!! =) Everything looks so pretty! I've been dying to trying dollywink stuff, esp the liquid eyeliner! <3

alison said...

Happy belated birthday! Excellent birthday hauls, too!

Anh Nguyen said...

Happy belated birthday! and those sunglasses are soo cute

i love your makeup and eyebrows, really natural

Keith said...

I do hope you had a great birthday.

Shop N' Chomp said...

If I haven't said it already, happy (belated) b-day sweetie! Girl, you don't look a day over 21. For realz. Oh my gosh, your b-day weekend looks so fun! I am digging all that loot and food porn...hee hee. :D Those Nikes are hot!!

P.S Thanks!

Anonymous said...

happy belated birthday! cant believe your turning 27.... you look 22-23 :P enjoy your bday goodies! XD

Love your eotd/fotd.. you are such a pretty girl!!

thank you for posting my giveaway!

Jannat said...

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