Sunday, May 16, 2010

Review: Coastal Scents 88 Palette & Glam Sparkle and Pop!

Happy Sunday Beauties!
Thought I would share my LOTD from last week plus my thoughts on the Coastal Scents 88 makeup Palette!


Coastal Scents 88 Makeup Color Palette

Purchased from for around $19 USD

Coastal Scents 88

As you can see, there are a million (well 88 haha) different colors to choose from! Note that this palette comes in 2 different 'styles' - the normal makeup palette (which I purchased - has mixture of matte & shimmers) and the "ultra shimmer" palette (all shimmery colors). For those who want less crazy colors and more neutrals, there is the "warm palette" and the new "metal mania" palette.

** "Regular" Makeup Color Palette **

**Ultra Shimmer **

**Warm/Neutral **

** Metal Mania **
Images from

The palette came packaged nicely in bubble wrap and I did not have any problems with breakage. However, the cheap shadow applicator slot was a broken so the applicator kept falling off. Not really a problem since I don't use them anyway! The palette itself is thin and lightweight - careful with the latch since I hear it can break easily!

The size of each shadow is pretty small - smaller than a dime! Chances are the variety of colors will be so vast that you are too busy experimenting to run out. I already have a few favorites, but for the most part, I just kind of swatch whatever catches my fancy :)

Coastal Scents size comparison

Color payoff is variable. Some of the shadows are highly pigmented and apply with ease. Others look promising but are actually disappointing. There was no crazy odor and for the most part, the texture was pleasant and blended well.

I attempted to do a rainbow type gradient on my arm. I used MAC's paint in "Untitled" as a base and then swatched some of the colors using my ELF brushes.

Coastal Scents Rainbow

I know this palette has been hyped for ages - I think it's a good deal for the price. Quality wise, the shadows have great staying powder and there are quite a few colors that impressed! However, if you're not into experimentation, I would go for the warm/neutral type palette. This one is fun, but I don't find myself reaching for it very often. It's just a bit bulky and I know I won't be traveling with it!



Affordable (sells for ~$19 on
TONS of color choices & finishes
Some colors are heavily pigmented and pretty!
Smooth texture, glides on easily (with primer)


Packaging is bulky & cheap
Pans are relatively small
Requires a shadow primer
Not travel-friendly
Some colors are a bit 'chalky' and crumble easily

Rating: (3/5)

This palette is not a "must-have" in my book, but something that every adventurous girl might want to have around just in case! Lots of possibilities for 'fun' looks but I think I will never really use about 30-40% of the colors just because they are too crazy bright! >_< ***

LOTD using Coastal Scents palette



Swatches of Colors used - pretty neutrals in shimmery sea-shell colors
Coastal Scents neutral

Final look:

Snowflake 2


My Glam Sparkle & Pop order came in the mail a little while ago - and I am SUPER pleased! A huge thanks to JULIE for the gorgeous hand crafted jewelry and sweet little extras!

I was so excited about this necklace, titled "Key to My Heart"

Key to my heart GSP

Each necklace is packaged so lovingly in a little organza pouch - so cute!

GSP love necklace

What a surprise! Little note & a beautiful NYX lip gloss!!!

GSP love

I love the snowflake necklace - I might end up wearing it year round LOL! The AB quality of the swarovski crystals is so amazing - you can see how amazing it looks in different lighting!


Snowflake blue

for Natalka, Aubrey, Bayrta, Renay, Pixyela, Miih, Sara, TzeYien, Angela, Dementia, & Beauty and the beast, Momo, Lavender, 409, Vanessa & Carmen!


Already have so much to do this week! :) Correspondence (Sorry to all the lovely ladies for my laziness, I will be getting back this week!), more post lovin' to catch up on, crafting, and of course, work!!!

Please take care & have a great week!!!


Angelique said...

Ohhh thanks for the review esp. about the packaging from Amazon b/c I was thinking of ordering it from them for the free shipping. I was going to ask about the packaging/shipping but you already mentioned it hehe...

Great look! Very pretty :]

& the jewelry is very pretty. I love the "Key to my Heart" necklace :]

Susie said...

I was going to write something then I lost my train of through because John Mayer's song Heart of Life came on & I got distracted, LOL. I love this song! ^^ I love the rainbow you did :P The regular palette colors seem more vibrant that the shimmery ones...I didn't know had Coastal Scents Palettes! They're cheaper too. Thanks for sharing! <333 The necklaces are so adorable!<3

ipehishere said...

i want to try coastal pallete warm/ neutral matte..
but idk.. it not must hv item also for me haha
nice post ^^

really love ur necklace ^^

Liana said...

great review! ive been wanting this palette forever, but somehow keep forgetting to order it when i actually have money! lol, actually i dont order online too often bc i'm too impatient to wait, i like instant gratification :) but thanks for the review, i def. want to purchase this!

Shop N' Chomp said...

Your GSP necklace is so blingy and pretty! Julie is way talented. =D I have the shimmer palette but I haven't found myself using it very much. =\ Wonder if I should've gotten one of the other ones instead? Oh well.

P.S My online traffic school makes sure I'm paying attention by including such phrases as "The author's favorite food is Mexican". LOL!

PetiteAsianGirl said...

I like the final look with all the pearl-escent colors. I've seen this palette mentioned by several bloggers. $19 is a decent deal, but I would be overwhelmed by so many colors and probably just gravitate to one or two!

PS - thanks for the sidebar link! Good luck in the giveaway : )

Miss♥Nikka said...

Thanks for sharing. I didnt know they had these on, i hope i knew hat before i purchased from coastal scents because thri shipping is very pricey. i also purchased some palette from ebay, its cheaper but i think amazon is better.

I like the necklace you purchased, its adorable!

Shop N' Chomp said...

Hehe...we're Aquaphor groupies. XD Yeah, good thing we have high SPF products we can still get our hands on here! And seriously, you like my skincare reviews? I always feel like they are subpar compared to other But thank you! =D

Edwina said...

really wanna try out the metal mania palette! and very pretty necklace :)

Ritalime said...

New follower here, love your blog.

Hehehe, I remember my bff's initial comment when I was showing off my 88 warm palette, "holy eff, you do not have enough eyelids for this." :D

Adeline said...

I have the 88 warm palette and I love it =)I am so tempted to buy the 88 shimmer though, except shipping to Aus is quite a bitch :(

Love your mini jewelery haul:D They look gorgeous


LittoMokaa said...

Wow there's A LOT of colors in there! I love your rainbow gradient btw ;) I've been looking at these CS palettes for a while know and wondered if I made a bad decision for buying Sephora's palette rather than the CS one LOL but I think that 88 colors would be too much for me XD

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