Saturday, May 1, 2010

Costco ♥ , Giveaway, and you are what you eat!

Hi Beauties!

Busy week for me, lots and lots and LOTS of work and overtime...gotta hustle in the real world sometimes so you can enjoy what you love! It seems like being away from blogger for a few days seems more like a few months, so much catching up to do! ;)


*~Things I've discovered in the past week~*

I absolutely LOVE COSTCO

So yes, buying in bulk isn't *always* the best if you're living in tight quarters, but it IS very economical. As the Bad Idea Bears from the musical production Avenue-Q say: "Buy in bulk - it's cheaper!"

According to the website, Costco operates in 9 different countries: USA, Canada, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Mexico, Australia, UK, and Puerto Rico (Technically US Territory) so it's International!

So why do I Costco so incredibly much???

Because COSTCO sells stuff like this.


Each bottle alone is usually around $9-10USD. Each package was around ~$9.50 USD! I the spray on sunblock and it's all waterproof and has helioplex for broad spectrum UVA/UVB coverage, very good for the Summer!
You can also stock up on essentials like this:

Olay daily moisturizer

Again, only like $10 USD for 2 whole bottles! This is my staple daily sunblock!

And healthy stuff like this


COSTCO sells really nice stuff - organic, fresh, quality products. It is also probably one of the more "high-end" wholesale retailers on the market. In NYC people were going nuts since Costco was selling discounted luxury brand name bags including CHANEL and Louis Vuitton!!!

Sometimes you can also find beauty steals from big name expensive retailers too!

So if you have a friend/family member who has a membership, hit them up sometime lol. Or just buy a membership...if you live on your own it really is worth it! :)


Speaking of healthy, read an article on about foods that are known for being treated with tons of pesticides. It really got me thinking about why it might be worth it to invest in a few organic items!

The biggest offenders were Celery, Peaches, Strawberries, Apples, Blueberries, Nectarines, Bell Peppers, Potatoes, Spincah, Kale, Cherries, and Grapes!!!

Noooo...All fruits/veggies that I love! I usually make sure I SOAK all my produce for at least 15 minutes in a large bowl of water and give them a good scrubbing before consumption. However, I think I might consider buying organic celery, spinach, nectarines & cherries in the future.

Just some food for thought ~ really consider what you eat! Pesticides and toxins can build up over time in your body and lead to long-term effects such as nerve damage, cancer, and birth defects. In the end, it might be worth the extra investment to think about alternative options or organic produce!


I will be reviewing my Dolly Wink order once it comes in -- maybe it really isn't worth the hype, but I thought I'd give it a shot since it was on sale and I have been dying to try out some 'lower lash' falsies for the eyes! :)


ReallyPetite is having her first 100+ follower giveaway! Congrats!!! Please check out her giveaway here!


I know I have a bazillion+ things already and I just finished Spring Cleaning so it feels like I need to make room for MORE -- lol. J/K! I still have to work on tons of reviews for the upcoming month (my b-day month!!!) -- you will see them once my busy week is over! :)

I still really want to try this out, just found out you can purchase on AMAZON.COM too! is also offering 20% off on all Sexy girl products for the entire month of May!

Other things on my wishlist!
On my dream *wishlist*
  • Trip to Japan, Hong Kong, & Hawaii!

Sorry this post is so mega-random. :)


Welcome to new beauties Lara, Bella, Maria, Nino, Dang, Shobe, Pinta, Rhain, Nikki-san, Bec, Di, Grace, Suzanna, Belinda, Mary, Saimese, Shaim, Shumin, Chath, Heather, and Ik!

Have a great weekend!


Adeline said...

Wow!Those are my favourites too (Except celery!lol).. And I usually just quickly rinse them and pop it into my mouth. I guess its time for thorough soaking now.


Susie said...

Man, I bought 2 of those Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sunblocks at Walgreens the other day for almost 20$ all together! :( I should've checked Costco! Hahaha. Darn. I can't believe that they had Chanel & Louis at a Costco though! That's nuts! Wish they had that here, aha.

Anonymous said...

I love love love Costco for this reason too! (Plus all the yummy food samples. XD)

Shop N' Chomp said...

Happy upcoming! =D I am so with you on Costco!!! I get excited every time I get their coupon book in the mail...LOL. I must admit that I am not very good about buying organic fruit/veg though. The only thing I always buy organic is milk. Hope you're able to get everything on your wishlist!

Loren said...

Thanks for the heads up because I love spray on sunblock too!

I've always considered trying to switch over to organic, but then I get lazy because it's hard to find organic fruits/veggies around the place I live. They do cost a little more than usual too, but I think it's worth it!

DiWiMakeup said...

That's my favourite sunblock- hassle free! I always get lost at costco lol.

xo, Diana

kimber doll said...

AHHH !! I love Costco, too!! I could spend hours in there, and the deals are insane .. in fact I'm heading there today =)

Sidney Son said...

I have never been to a Costco! But I always always always see and hear great things about it!
I need to find one near me! ASAP!

BTW I absolutely love your blog! Great content and very informative! :)

Rachel said...

Oh great post! I try and buy organic as much as possible. Can't wait for the dolly wink post ^.^

Caroline :] said...

Aww, Irene!!♥

Thank you for giving me some love! haha xD I'm so happy you liked my review! hehe It was my first time doing a review ever, so I was trying my best! ^^;; Glad you thought it was helpful and good enough to want to try it! :P

I LOVEE COSTCO!! Wheee! gotta love the OJ packs...4 gallons for $10! woot! I love Costco $1.50 Polish Dog + Drink combo...and the combo pizza too...haha xD I'm such a fatty! =/ here you are talking about eating healthier and going organic, and I am talking about the food court. lol!

OMG I ordered my Sasa haul like 2 weeks ago...I hope it comes soon. I got Dolly Wink stuff, too! haha I had already bought my stuff, and then I went to your blog and saw you announcing the Dolly Wink promo xD woohoo we both get to try out the lower lashes (mostly what I'm interested in) I'm so angry!! So, I bought No.5 Real Nude (bottom lashes), and I really wanted to also get No.8 Pure Little, but it was out of stock at the time I placed my order bc I wanted to get my order in before more stuff sold out (I had already held off ordering for 3 days too). So anyway, I send in my order and then BAM! I get an e-mail that said No.8 lashes were IN STOCK again! OMG...I was SOOOO pissed!! >_< *sigh* sadness... :'(

What did you end up buying from Dolly Wink? :]

♥ caroline

qL said...

eek i must be the laziest person ever because i thoughtlessly "rinse" my fruits before eating! vegetables i thoroughly wash but fruits sometimes i even just pop into my mouth -__- gross huh hahaha. well now i know!

btw costco is a straight steal. too bad my family never buys from there bc we're a small fam, and we can never finish the bulk packages before the exp date :[

Pop Champagne said...

omg costco is selling LV and chanel?! that's crazyyyyy! I'd rather buy it at a store still though heh it's the experience.. But I do agree costco membership is a good investment. They got quality chicken and meat at a good price and I LOVEEEE costco $2 hot dogs yum yum yum

DiWiMakeup said...

Yup my dress is from Kimchi Blue. You are good! I bought the itouch case when I was vacationing in HK. I think it came out to less than $10 USD!

xo, Diana

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