Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Review: NYX Round Lipgloss Swatches on lips

NYX round ligploss flash
*Numbers correspond to those in the review below*


NYX Round Lipgloss

I am a big fan of NYX - loads of color choices, excellent pigmentation, and affordability are just a few reasons why I love these products to pieces. I throw out my glosses after a year or so since they get goopy and also for hygenic purposes - I always feel a huge twinge of sadness when I have to throw out my MAC glosses since they not only cost me a pretty penny, but there is usually about 80%+ of the product left in the tube. *sigh*

No more tears - NYX is a perfect candidate to supply my lipgloss needs!

I will let my lips do the talking for most of the review :)

*Without flash*

NYX round lipgloss

1. Honey

Sparkly flecks of gold - sheer & subtle

NYX honey


2. Natural

Pretty muted opaque nudey-mauve

NYX natural

3. Real Nude

A pretty YLBB (Your-lips-but-better!) - the name says it all!

NYX real nude

Real nude

4. Whipped

A milky pinky-nude, more nude than pink

NYX whipped


5. Sorbet

Another milky pinky-nude that is more pink than nude. Everyday wearable and work appropriate!

NYX sorbet



6. Pinky Natural

LOVE this color -sorry for sloppy application ;_; - More subtle than "Pink" - an opaque bright & cheerful pink

NYX pinky natural
Pinky Natural

7. Kiss

A shimmery, sparkly mauve - a pretty color for the Fall!

NYX kiss


8. Baby Pink

A glittery porn star pink ~ not for everyday wear. -_-

NYX baby pink

9. Ballerina Pink

A girly pink with sparkles

NYX ballerina pink
*oops I think the number is actually #36?

10. Pink #03

A bright opaque poppy barbie pink

NYX pink

11. Peach

A pretty glimmery peach - subtle & natural

NYX peach

12. Sparkle #05

A sheer sparkly YLBB (Your Lips But Better!)

NYX sparkle

13. Soap Opera Queen

Not as dramatic as I thought -

NYX Soap Opera Queen



I loved the packaging, the slightly angled sponge-wand applicators, the sorbet flavor and the colors. (My picks are Real Nude, Natural, Pinky Natural, and Sorbet) The staying power is average for a gloss, but for the price you can keep one on your bathroom counter and pack another in your purse for reapplication! Dryness wasn't a real problem, but I always use Aquaphor as a base to keep my lips moist. (especially in the drying winter months...)

Tip: The opaque lipglosses have more coverage/pigmentation than the sparkle/shimmer lipglosses so keep that in mind when purchasing.

Again, no animal testing with any NYX products!

Rating: (5/5)


I cannot rave enough about these lipglosses!

CHERRY CULTURE is having a sale - everything is 20% off!

You can nab these glosses for a little more than $1 a pop!



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♥ Irene!


Shop N' Chomp said...

Your lips do the talking well! :D They all look gorgeous on you, Irene. Love your hairband too and thanks for the Cherry Culture tip!

(Oh yeah, that sweater is definitely the epitome of cool :)

s said...

Oooh I LOVE the Real Nude and Pink on you Irene!! I totally remember when you posted ages ago that you got these, glad you did lip swatches!! It's so much more accurate than swatching on the arm. The Pink looks so dolly like and I think it suits you ^_^

Love the last photo.. hope we'll be seeing more of you! Miss you lots!

PetiteAsianGirl said...

Holy moly Irene how did you acquire so many of these? Thanks for the awesome review. I have just started using NYX products (love their smokey eye palette and such a steal too during ULTA sales) and Sophia just sent me some lippies to try. If I venture into the lipgloss arena I will definitely remember this post and come refer back! At $1 something the value can't be beat and I do like the look of the packaging too.

Dana Yoshimizu said...

Wow you were sure busy doing swatches for us! XD THank you so much ! I have a whole bunch of NYX lip glosses too. I bought them awhile back on a big sale. I love how you can get them for so cheap! ;D

Irene said...

@Lisa - Thanks :) I'm trying to decide whether or not a mini pre-holidays splurge at Cherry Culture is in order!

@Sophia - lol my procrastinating days are over now that that I have dedicated myself to an early New Years Resolution of better blogging habits! I think I forgot a few colors to try, but I'll update soon - I know you said you wanted to see the peach-coral-y one when you were in your coral phase - the peach wasn't as bright as I would have hoped, I think the Revlon coral fared better!

@Jean - Girl, I consume makeup like you consume cute and sessy outfits! Also, I couldn't resist because each color was just a little over a dollar and I was tired of spending the equivalent on MAC without the ability to experiment. I'm glad you loved the NYX eye palette, I have to try it now!

@Dana - I am still kicking myself about not buying anything when the NYX site had their $1 for EVERYTHING sale. I love how NYX is not only cheap, but quality! :)

Elle said...

Thanks for the review, it must have taken forever to apply, photograph, remove and repeat the process like 13 times. And at the risk of sounding like a creep, your lips are so smooth (I am constantly applying chapstick because my lips are so dry), do you use any special treatment? or is it just a good genes type of thing? :)

Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

1 and 7 were definitely my favorites! I loved how they were glittery, but not over the top so!

Pop Champagne said...

this is awesome that you did all the swatches, I was thinking of buying lip gloss so hurray I'll refer back to your page for the colors I want hahaha

sanna said...

you are really beautiful :)

Nik said...

Great post! I love NYX round lipglosses. In fact, I love most NYX Products! You have a great blog and I'm following :-)

Check out mine if you'd like. I'm hosting a giveaway of CHI silk Infusion and Hana Shine Shield.

PetiteAsianGirl said...

Lol! Sessy must be speaking of someone else. And I actually grabbed two more NYX palettes during ulta's bogo sale so will be giving away one soon.

Btw, thanks so much for sharing my giveaway again on your sidebar...I just saw it and it looks huge and ruins the prettiness of your layout, so I made it smaller for you. Try the code again : )

gingerSnaps said...

i like the kiss. sexy pout..

Irene said...

@Elle - Lol my lips were actaully pretty dry by the end of the testing period! And actually, my lips are pretty dry year round - I just try to constantly drink water and apply Aquaphor at bedtime and in the morning!

@Audrey - Thanks hun - as I get older, I start to like glitter less and less as well :( I like the opaque colors more!

@Julie - Thanks, I hope it helps...I know I was browsing blogs/sites like crazy looking for swatches before buying from cherry culture! :D

@Sanna & Nik & gingerSnaps - Thanks ladies! :) *blushes*

@Jean - Yes! You don't have to bare any skin to convey the message that you are sexy - it's all about the confidence and class! ;) I can't believe how sweet (and crazy) you are for changing the sidebar for me! I am delighted. I actually just have to readjust my sidebar in blogger somehow too, need to make it larger anyway...

Dyna said...

wow this is so nice of you to post, I'm def following you. I think I'm getting pinky natural and pink, they look gorgeous :)

faye lu review said...

the pinky natural looks amazing on you!!! can't beat the price points of these glosses either. such a pretty blog!!! i've JUST signed up to follow you blog - this will definitely be one of my daily reads in 2011 xo

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