Monday, October 11, 2010

Corioliss Classic Pro Flat Iron review & GIVEAWAY

Tis' the season for Homecoming, Halloween, and the Holidays - reasons to have quality tools in hand to produce your hairstyle of choice!

My hair happens to be extremely fine/thin with little to no volume. I do have a slight wave as well which always manages to make an unwanted appearance. Since I am a low maintenance gal--especially when it comes to hair--I want to get either sleek tresses or gorgeous curls in minutes. One of the easiest ways to do so is by using a flat iron, as you can go either way with an all-in-one tool!

Misikko is family-run business specializing in hair products and tools, especially flat irons and hair dryers! Their approach is professional yet personalized with an emphasis on customer service and interaction with their clients.

My flat iron was meticulously packed with attention to detail and a nice little soft pouch to house my flat iron when not in use:

I reviewed the Corioliss Classic Flat iron - one of their best-sellers and a steal considering the free shipping and features. It comes packaged in sleek & sturdy packaging:

I liked how the shell was embossed with a diamond pattern - adds some character and class, don't you think? :)

The iron feels very sturdy in hand- definitely not whimsy or cheap.

As for the features - it has solid ceramic plates which help prevent heat damage to your hair. I really liked the straightforward and speedy heating process (literally in seconds) - just choose your desired heat setting from 140-410 degrees F (I really love the dial which lets you adjust your heat setting, more on that later...), plug in, wait for the easy-to-spot light turn from red to green, and you're ready to go!

Before you begin, don't forget the additional Heat protection! The last thing you want to do is seriously fry your hair (make sure your hair is dry before using a flat iron!) I used this bottle from my local Walgreens! Smells like flowers and makes you feel like you just stepped out of a salon!

After running this over a few sections of my hair...


Before: Messy unmanageable bedhead :(

After: Sleek, shiny, & sexy locks in less than 5 minutes!!! :)

*Happy sigh*

Important tip - If your hair is THICK, you can use the hotter setting, normal texture at medium heat and LOW for thin or fine hair!!! This will protect your hair from damage!


And for the styling newbies, some informative, pictorial step-by-step guides to getting your desired look!



The only other flat iron I have used would be the Chi. This iron is comparable in heating time and results. The particular version of the chi that I have used did NOT have the option of heat adjustment and did not get as hot as the Corioliss. Regardless, both are quality products and I would recommend either one depending on your personal preference and budget. I am extremely happy with the results of my Corioliss - it didn't snag my hair and gave me options for my fragile hair. I think it is extremely good value for the product you receive.


Now for the fun part - the GIVEAWAY! You can own your very own Corioliss flat iron!

~* The Basic Rules*~

Must be at least 18 years of age please!

Open to US & Canadian followers

Must be a follower!

= 1 entry

~* Extra entries *~
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Comment below with your name and a link to your blog post/blog/feedback/fave beauty product (in case you are doing extra entries) Finally, please list total number of entries! All entries will be verified!

Giveaway ends 11/11/11 (one month from now)

Winner will be selected at random and announced on the blog & on twitter so stay tuned :)

Good luck & have fun!

**This post was generously sponsored by Misikko!


PetiteAsianGirl said...

Great giveaway, Irene! I like the "before" look lol, exactly how I look in the mornings. I am a follower of yours so I guess = 1 entry : )

Ping said...

oh wow what a great giveaway. your hair looks awesome and so pretty and soft. i'd like to enter. i'm a follower so = 1 entry.
thanks so much!

Rena said...

Yah! I'm a follower!

I've placed the giveaway on my blog sidebar here:



<33 Rena

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Jimin said...

HAY IRENE! I was gonna comment saying "where the hell have you been" but your last post was 3 days ago... I didn't even see your posts girl! Something must be wrong with my blogger.. sorry about that :( I really missed you (even though you were never gone -_-) but yeah...

Can I join this giveaway too? I'm a follower :)

I hope you've been well,

Haven said...

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Katie Ngo said...

You look lovely!
I'm a follower. :)
=1 entry.

Kym said...

i loooveee before and after shots! the results turned out great! :D good luck to everyone!


im a follower~ +1

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment! Yay for update :)

The straightener sounds good and easy to use!

shame im not based in the US or Canada, good luck to the ladies!

s said...

Irene it's been forever and a half since you posted!!! Your hair looks sooo soft and smooth after you ironed it! My hair is like yours~ it's wavy and flips if not flat ironed >_<

Silver Bella said...

First of all, thank you so much for the chance! 11 total entries!

I'm a GFC follower ~ Silver Bella (+1)

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Shop N' Chomp said...

Your hair looks so sleek and shiny, Irene! Love it =D You rock for having this cool giveaway! Thank you and please count me in. *crosses fingers*

(Thanks too for your sweet message and for entering my giveaway :)

kileen said...

Great giveaway!

I'm a follower and I follow your twitter. (2 entries)


Pop Champagne said...

great giveaway! I'm a follower and I need a straightener! :D

Serena said...

IRENEEEE!!! It's been forever. =( Miss you.

Enter me! I'm a follower (+1)
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Commented on their wall post they posted on Friday 10/15 at 12:01pm about the coupons. (+4)

That's a total of 10 entries! LOL

If you can't tell I'd love to get a straightener. I don't have a good one. =/
You've got my contact info already. ^.^

<3s Serena.

yumiko said...

how have you been? miss you!

cool blog post on the hair iron!
count me in the giveaway! =)

Mare said...

11 entries.
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TinkerBi said...

thanks for providing us the tips!! ;)

Anonymous said...

The giveaway isn't a month from now if it's 11/11/11 lol

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Diana said...

I'm not joining the giveaway but I am a follower. :) Just wanted to say that your hair is gorgeoussssss

Tannis said...

Follow your blog
tannis_z at excite dot com

Aero said...

Hi there!
I have been a fan of your blog for some time :) I think your hair may be thin but hey, Asian hair is lovely! Everyone has at least 1 hair complaint :)

I want to enter your great giveaway so I've done the following:

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Kim said...

i'm a follower ! xoxo

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Elle said...

Nice giveaway!

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Great giveaway! I'm a new follower (+1)
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Hershley's Sweet Kiss said...

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and im in florida in usa

loveamoretto said...

I get an entry for following you!

yumiko said...

enter me irene! =)

i posted on my blog. +2 enteries?

The Little Dust Princess said...
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The Little Dust Princess said...

Oh wow, the date deceived me! LOL You put 11/11/11. -_-

Olivia Stefen said...

I don't really use curling irons or straighteners, but your hair looks fantastic!Mini Vintage Dryer Blue Floral

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