Monday, July 19, 2010

Review: Skinfood Aloe Sun BB Cream

My dear lovelies!

As promised, an update & review on my new favorite Summer going-out staple!

For some reason, I feel like I'm always the last person to jump on the bandwagon...Double Rainbow, Keyboard cat, NYX cosmetics...and now, BB cream!

BB creams are quite popular in Korea and are meant to be the all-in-one makeup miracle product, many promising to be a base/primer, cover-up, foundation all-in-one with added benefits like anti-aging, hydration, UV protection etc. My last foray into BBcreams (Missha Perfect Cover) left me with cystic acne so I was a bit hesitant to jump back into things...

That being said, after carefully researching a few more varieties, I decided that I would give Skin Food a try. Skin Food is a skincare line available on sites such as - they don't carry this particular bb cream anymore, but currently sells it for around $19.95.


Skin Food Aloe Sun BB Cream (SPF 20 PA+)

On Packaging: Food Therapy - Special food for the skin to eat. Contains lots of nutritive and energetic ingredients such as fresh plants, fruits etc. to maintain our bodies healthy and lively.

Rich with aloe, which possesses excellent hydrating properties and soothing effect, this multi-functional skin care product (UV protecter and blemish correcter) provides moisture and nutrition to your skin while providing protection from UV rays.

The tube is a nice decent size - the size of a medium-sized tube of sunscreen (50g)

Skinfood aloe bbcream

The dispensing nozzle allows for hygenic application

Skinfood aloe bbcream tube

As true for most BB Creams, the color selection is extremely limited. This BB Cream comes in either #1 (fair) or #2 (medium). In the Summer time, I tend to get a bit darker but really, I would be a #2 regardless.

Skinfood aloe bbcream sample

I used a foundation brush to sweep the BB cream over my face. The product applies smoothly but requires a little blending. It smells FANTASTIC though - very fresh and clean. If you like Bath & Bodyworks Cucumber melon, you will like the smell of this BB cream. Although this BB Cream has built in sunscreen (SPF 20), I still use my regular sunscreen (Olay SPF 25) all over beforehand. The results with and without flash - I love the overall slightly dewy finish!

Skinfood aloe bbcream on

Skinfood aloe bbcream on flash
Wearing: NYC brow pencil on brows, MAC Blacktrack fluidliner, Darkness KMA 7 false lashes, Maybelline Eye Quad in Taupe Temptress in corners of eyes, Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipstick in Peach Colada on lips, Skin Food Aloe Sun BB Cream on face

I did not see any of the greyish undertone of #2 that some reviews had mentioned.

Look of the day (LOTD) from this past weekend! Abercrombie stretchy tube dress & Jessica Simpson heart chain necklace. :)

LOTD 7-17



Pleasant fresh & clean smell which fades over time
Beautfiul, dewy finish
SPF 20
Not drying
Moderate oil control (my face was just slightly oily by the end of a day being exposed to 90 degree plus Texas heat!)
Coverage is medium - hid most of the redness in my cheeks
Long lasting
Smooth, even, application
Does not feel heavy on the skin
Did NOT break me far. (Will update if anything changes)

Extremely limited colors
May be hard to find ( no longer stocks), online availability
♥ May need to use spot coverage for larger blemishes

Rating: ♥♥♥♥ (5/5)

My beautiful friend, fellow blogger, co-worker, and Pharmgirl extraordinaire Liz suggested that I include whether or not products are tested on animals for future reviews. This is a great idea! I am happy to report that my previous review and one of my favorite new cosmetics lines, NYX, does NOT test on animals. I am not quite sure about this current BB cream since it was produced in a foreign country (Korea) but if I do find out, I will surely update!

Here's a little sneak peek into what is coming up next!

Sneak peak July August

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!


Liana said...

great review! i love bb creams but i they are always way too light for me...maybe one day i'll find one that matches, this one look like it works great! btw i can't wait for yoru upcoming reviews, those brushes look awesome! glad you're back! :)

Susie said...

Yay you're back :D Your skin looks freaking amazingly flawless!

& holy moly look at all those NYX lip glosses! HEAVEN!

Araratacres said...

hey friend! Thanks for checking on whether or not animals are harmed when testing the cosmetics. Diego and all his buddies around here really appreciate that :). I am really curious what BB stands I thought you were doing a review on Burt's Bees stuff :). By the way, you look adorable in the pics.... hugs, liz

Irene said...

@Liana - I think you and I have a similar skintone! (in fact, I think you might even be lighter than me!) You should give this cream a try, I think you might love it! :)

@Susie - you were the girl behind it all :D I can't wait until they go on sale again, contest time!

@Liz - It was a wonderful idea...and I'm glad Diego & Co. appreciate it :) It has only been one day and I am missing you guys already. I hope you had a great weekend! OH! And I LOLed when you said Burts Bees - it actually stands for "Blemish Balm" :)

L4pinkpetal said...

can't wait for the nyx lip glosses.. =)

sophia said...

Irene! OMG I can't wait to see the review for those NYX glosses! There are soooo many and they all look purdee :) I'm super interested to see the 3rd-7th glosses (from left).. A couple of them look coral-y and I'm on the hunt for a coral gloss!

The BB cream looks so natural! Can't tell you're wearing any foundation at all, yet your skin looks so even and dewy! I've heard that they break people out.. I have the watery bb cream, but I've used it only like once every week or so, so I'm not sure if using it that infrequently is enough to cause breakouts. I have the Perfect Cover one too but haven't tried it yet.. I'm scared now >_< I don't want acne!

Your striped dress is lovely :) I've been very much into navy + white stripes lately myself!

angelamhiere said...

Yay! I also use Skinfood Aloe Sun BB Cream! ^__^

We have the same comments on this product... ^__^

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

The BB cream looks SO natural and GOOD on you!!!!!! :D So pretty!!!!!!! :)

You look so nice with the dress :D

PetiteLittleGirl said...

I love this product. It looks so great and natural on you. I'd like to try it myself.

Last week to enter my giveaway for a beautiful necklace at

Really Petite said...

You look gorgeous!!! Great review and post!!!

Please enter my Giveaway when you get a chance!

Shop N' Chomp said...

Ooh, I love how you tempt us with that sneak peek Irene! ;) I heart that dress and necklace on you. It's the perfect summer look! And the BB cream looks just like second skin on you. So dewy and natural! :) I think BB creams hate my skin for some reason. Can't seem to find one that looks right, so I'm sticking with TM for now.

P.S Ok, what?! I think you can get the Hills on dvd if you want to check it out. Happy hump day! ;)

hkittygirl said...

I can't wait for the false eyelash review! >w<

Irene said...

@L4pinkpetal - It's a work in progress ;) I love NYX!

@Sophia - I know you're on the hunt for coral this Summer - it is one of my favorites too! I definitely know what you mean about being wary of bbcreams - for me, it's just like foundation. I don't wear it daily (like to work) but I do wear it when I'm out on the town! :D

@angelamhiere - YES, it's fantastic! It is nice to have found a shade that suits slightly darker gals!

@Rainydays - Thanks hun! :)

@Petite - You definitely should ;)

@Reallypetite - Thanks!

@ShopnChomp - Lisa! I've missed my Cali gal. I agree that BBcreams aren't the easiest to wear. I like this one in particular, my fingers are crossed that it won't break me out! LOL I'm afraid if I get the DVD I'll be hooked! Again...late on the trends hahaha

@hkittygirl - I can't wait either! I'm a little scared...never tried bottom falsies before!

Kirsty said...

Hi princess! I love your blog! New follower :)

Tina said...

I recently ordered this BB Cream on Yesstyle and once I hit that Confirmation button, I was hit with regret. What if the shade doesn't fit me, what if what if... There are too few reviewers who post such great pictures and even fewer who reviews shade 2, so I'm really grateful of this blog <3

Miharu Julie said...

great review!
thanks for sharing ><
can we follow each other? :)
i promise i'll follow you back
glad visit here

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