Saturday, May 25, 2013

Chanel New Clutch with Chain 2013 Spring Collection in Rose/Hot Pink Review

My heart skipped a beat during my first mall outing since birthing baby Jacob...

I love visiting the local Chanel boutique in Neiman Marcus at our local Dallas mall. (usually just to gawk)   The ladies (and man) are wonderful, knowledgeable, friendly and nonjudgmental.   (Received the same level of service dressed to the nines and while wearing sweats!)  However, it was this hot pink beauty that caught my eye today:

Oh!  The shape!  The soft supple caviar leather!  The silver hardware!  The didn't help that the moment I picked up the clutch, two other ladies started circling me with great interest.  Too much interest.

Chanel rarely releases pinks and never the same exact pink -- earlier this year, a patent leather pink purse was available but I wasn't too crazy about the finish although the color was admittedly quite yummy.  

The friendly salesgirl (Theresa) informed me that she loved the classic styling of the envelope clutch (it is considered a classic bag - technically called the Chanel New Clutch Bag) and that it was just about half the price of the medium double flap while still maintaining the same look.  (retails for $2600 as compared to $4400 USD)

My husband said think about it...thoughts lasted about 10 minutes.  I know it is a big wad of cash to drop -- but it was a milestone gift as it happened to be my 30th birthday and the month of our wedding anniversary and my very first Mother's Day!  I know I am a very lucky hubby in the world!

It is gorgeous...the 'rose' color looks like a bright matte pink...I initially thought if I ever splurged on a Chanel purse in pink, it would be a pastel pink.  However, the more my eyes devoured the hot pink beauty, the more I loved it.  The color works well and pops against my usually muted wardrobe.  I love how it makes a statement!

Since most people are familiar with the classic double flap, I will use that as a comparison to the new clutch to highlight the differences.

The inside of the new clutch has a main compartment with a long and deep interior pocket.  It lacks the double flap which makes for easier access to the purse's interior.  There is a side pocket inside as well.  Like the classic double flap, the new clutch has a pocket on the exterior backside, though it is quite a bit larger.

The chain is strictly a single handle shoulder strap that cannot be adjusted unlike the relative versatility of the double flap.  I found the length to be perfect on my 5'2 frame.  If you want, you can also tuck the chain away and make it a clutch.

The clutch with chain is a decent size thought it is quite a bit thinner and not as 'sturdy.'  I definitely wouldn't put more than a wallet, phone, and a touch up kit inside.  It also isn't as structured.

 The material of this particular clutch was a variation of their caviar leather...this leather was very soft.  (different from the regular caviar finish of their classic double flap which is quite durable)  I believe it is what some forums are referring to as 'sueded' or 'iridescent'...some people say this type of leather does not hold up as well and attracts dirt and dust so I am a bit leary....  However will update if I ever find this to be true.  

I know it is relatively new but if you like the aesthetic of the double flap medium bag but want a lower price alternative, this is a wonderful choice.  I would consider buying it in another color if they release a white version in a different leather (regular caviar or lambskin!)

I am wearing Uniqlo chino shorts with the cuffs rolled...they are sooooo comfy, chic and come in a myriad of colors.   I love Uniqlo....but that is my next post!   My tshirt is from Matsumoto's shave ice from Oahu, Hawaii.  Toms are petal pink.  

I hope all of you have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!   I'm going to try to recover from a bad cold and hope that the weather clears up... T_T


faye lu said...

pink + chanel = love at first sight xx

Shop N' Chomp said...

BIG thumbs up to your hubby for such a TDF bag!! You look so gorgeous and happy carrying your new bag. :D I don't think I've seen this bag or that new material yet but I already like the size as I am short too...hehe.

How are you liking your WOC btw? I visited the Chanel boutique on my last Vegas trip and was told that there was a waitlist for the black ones. Lucky you for snagging one!!

Nhi said...

ahh lucky you! that's such a beautiful bag & a statement piece for sure <3 also in love with the blue shorts you're wearing here.
lots of love xx

Irene said...

@faye lu - Yes indeed :)

@ShopnChomp - Aaah...the CWC is definitely one of my new 'shapes' -- I'm a sucker for pink too and I love that it is part of the classic collection! Good luck with your search for WOC - it is one of my favorite date night purses. Definitely THE only bag you'll ever need for those occasions and it goes with everything!

@Nee Thank you so much!

Natasha Gregson said...

Perfect :) I love the colour-such a fun, fresh twist on the classic bag!!


arsyparsy said...

Omgsh!!! Gorgeous - such a beautiful colour!!
Suits you very well :)

Unknown said...

Your blog is lovely!!!! Would you like to follow each other on bloglovin' ? xxx
Gleaming Spire // Bloglovin'

Jo said...

Congrats on your new Chanel bag, Irene. It's really eye-catching and that's really sweet of your hubby! I didn't realise we are almost of the same age. Hehehe... There are too many young bloggers around that I often think I'm one of the oldest around. Hehehe...

Unknown said...

Love this cute pink chanel cross body bag. This instant eye-catching bag suits your perfectly.

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